January 10, 2021

BREWDOG: How to Stay Top Dog in the World of Content

Our core belief is that modern brands need content to thrive. They need quality content at speed, at scale and, of course, at the right price. There is no better example of a modern brand that has succeeded using this formula than BrewDog.

BrewDog - I AM PUNK Campaign

Our creative founders first worked with BrewDog on the successful launch of their iconic Punk IPA. The I AM PUNK campaign is a classic example of producing a lot of great content quickly and efficiently. We shot 300 ‘punks’ – the first investors in BrewDog – up and down the country in a few days. An automated filter allowed the punks to upload pictures of themselves saying I AM PUNK to social media. A sticker was also made that could be placed over other images. For a few days #IAMPUNK was genuinely trending on social media.

Fast Forward a few years and we are still working directly with James Watt, BrewDog founder. What we love about them is how fast they work. Like the best modern brands they have tons of ideas but know that an idea is worthless unless it can be actually made. We help BrewDog realise their ideas quickly and efficiently. They might send us a PDF of an idea for a new can. It takes us just two or three days to turn that PDF into a photo realistic render. This ‘digital double’ becomes instantly valuable.

Digital Doubles allow our clients to really get a feel for what a new product might look and feel like without having to manufacture anything. If they need to change any aspect of the design it easy to do that, there are no expensive reshoots. These assets can be used to create quick draft campaigns for consumer research. And of course if the product does go into full development these same assets can be used for the final consumer facing campaign, whether that be print, digital, film or ecommerce.

This efficient way of content creation is keeping BrewDog agile and at the very top of their game.

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