December 10, 2020

ContentIQ: Intelligent Content Creation

CONTENTIQ is our proprietary web technology, delivering millions of images directly into customers Martech stacks. Our customisable server side module creates images on the fly serving them directly to your web CMS or DAM, PIM and ERP systems enabling retailers and brands to have content for every possible product combination without having to produce these images in advance.

Leveraging all of the benefits of CGI, CONTENTIQ is game changing when dealing with products that have multiple combinations and variations, from big ticket items like sofas and beds through to FMCG and beauty products with multiple packaging, colour, flavour, label and regionalisation options.

Three reasons why CONTENTIQ will change the way you manage your marketing content….

It creates content for – every product combination, every market and every channel. Born from the challenge of delivering 2.4million images in a single project, CONTENTIQ dynamically creates images on the fly for any high volume production need.

It’s customisable CONTENTIQ is not an off the shelf product, we build custom integrations to work with your systems and processes. We use cloud technology to solve some of the most challenging problems e-commerce teams face – the creation and serving of visual content to showcase product ranges with high numbers of options and complex product combinations. It’s easy to deploy and integrate through a standard API and uses a CDN (content delivery network) to improve speed and reduce latency in the customer experience.

It maximises the impact of data – the whole premise of CONTENTIQ is data driven. The system utilises your product data to drive the image creation with product metadata being embedded as the images are created. The whole process is automated and enables a whole host of smart functionality that can empower your marketing teams to work more efficiently enabling the human effort to be focused where it can have the greatest impact.

Intelligent content… created, automated and delivered

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