October 1, 2020

The Future of Creativity is Automated: Genie Case Study

Creativity and Automation. Two of our favourite things.

We believe the future of creativity is automated. Sometimes this rubs people up the wrong way but it’s just the way it is. Automated technology increases efficiency and the drive for efficiency cannot be stopped.

However, this doesn’t mean the end of creativity or creative people, far from it. If we harness automation in the right way it will be a boost for creativity. One of our clients, GENIE, has been doing just that, to great effect.

GENIE is a chatbot that matches creative talent to briefs. It automates an incredibly inefficient industry in a smart and charming way. It is a product that combines many things we fundamentally believe in; that creativity can be automated, that brands need more and more content to survive, and traditional methods of making that content are ripe to be disrupted.

So it’s no surprise that we have been working with GENIE for a while. We have helped with product development in terms of functionality. We have helped with tone of voice, writing copy for GENIE’s automated chat. Our simple belief is that automation doesn’t need to be boring.

At VM+and CCW we think of ourselves as a factory where if the input is well considered and crafted, then the output will be the same. So if we spend time upfront thinking about GENIE’s personality, her character, then she becomes much more than just a robot. She becomes your ‘Talent Agent From the Future’ – a positioning and line we came up with.

Ongoing we take care of all GENIE’s brand communications both internally and externally.

Like any modern digitally first client GENIE needs high quality content, but fast. We have made everything from political films urging Rishi Sunak to help freelancers during the first lockdown, to email marketing, and whole swathes of gifs that turn up anywhere and everywhere.

Unsurprisingly GENIE is starting to gain traction in the creative market and beyond. GENIE chairman and advertising legend Sir John Hegarty recently appeared on Sky News as part of a round of PR. The news clip features the Brand Film we made for GENIE – which you can see in full below.

It’s an incredibly exciting time for GENIE as they prove that automation doesn’t need to be boring. As they crack the creative market we will be with them as they look to expand into other industry verticals. That’s the beauty of automation. If you get it right it’s easy to scale without losing the quality.

An idea very close to our hearts.

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