November 10, 2020

Wildfarmed: Wild Content and The Power of Flour

We have recently begun an ongoing relationship with a new brand, Wildfarmed. Wildfarmed brings the concept of rewilding to farming. Basically this means combining the best of nature with modern technology to create a more biodiverse, healthy soil for growing wheat.

Founded by award winning farmer Andy Cato, Wildfarmed wheat is not only more tasty and nutritious than conventional wheat, it eats up huge quantities of CO2. Flour with the power to save the world.

But Wildfarmed is actually much more than that. Which is why they came to us to help them create their brand and tell the wider story. We did a brand strategy project with them to help them internally gather all the great stuff and plans they have. This included a couple of workshops before landing on a company mission expressed on one page.

Once we had the mission down we set to work on explaining that to the wider world. In a fast paced world that is digitally led we knew that the story required deeper engagement than just a quick instagram post. So we made a newspaper. Making a newspaper forced everyone from the client and agency side to really think about what we were saying and doing. Once it’s set, it’s set – not quite in stone, but in paper nonetheless.

Staying true to our philosophy of intelligent content creation we did not drag our feet on this just because it was print. We got this out in a few weeks using automated artwork and newspaper printing technology. The results were fantastic. These papers now tell the Wildfarmed story from end to end – including introducing our campaign line of ‘It’s In Your Hands’.

We continue to work with Wildfarmed on a series of exciting content projects, including designing their packaging, an 8 minute space odyssey film and some fun in store experiences.

Watch this space for more Wild content soon.

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